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This listserv has been created to notify users of the WinSock-L FTP archive located at, of any additions, updates and changes to the FTP site. This is a moderated list, which means that no one can mail the list directly.

Authors and vendors of WinSock software are welcome to use this mailing list to announce New WinSock software (shareware or commercial).

To submit announcement, email:

All of the newly uploaded software will take 24 hours to be moved from the incoming directory to the appropriate public directory, and that is due to testing and virus checking.

How to subscribe:
You can send list-admin a number of different commands by sending mail to

The commands majordomo understands are:

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Subscribe yourself (or e-mail Address if specified) to WINSOCK-L-ANNOUNCE.

unsubscribe WINSOCK-L-ANNOUNCE [e-mail Address]

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