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The Winsock-L FTP Area

NOTE: This list was created on Tue Feb 5 00:30:01 EST 2002

DIR .. previous directory
DIR Diagnostic Winsock diagnostic trace tools
DIR Misc-Winsock Miscellaneous winsock related files
DIR Misc_Utils Miscellaneous utilites (compression, virus scanners...)
DIR New What's new archive
DIR ToolBars Windows toolbars and application launchers
DIR VideoConferencing Videoconferencing software
DIR WWW-Browsers Web browser software
DIR Windows95 Windows 95 and 98 Winsock applications
DIR WindowsNT Windows NT Winsock applications
DIR Winsock_Bundles Winsock packages
DIR X-Windows X-Windows emulators and servers
DIR X.500 Windows X500 clients
DIR archie Winsock archie clients
DIR archive WINSOCK-L monthly archive
DIR collage NCSA Collage Video
DIR daemons Winsock based server software (ftp,web,smtp...)
DIR develop Winsock development packages
DIR digest WINSOCK-L daily archive
DIR faq+txt Winsock related documents and FAQ's
DIR finger Winsock finger clients
DIR fsp Winsock FSP clients
DIR ftp Winsock FTP clients
DIR gopher Winsock Gopher clients
DIR graphics Graphics software
DIR mail Winsock mail clients
DIR mud Winsock MUD clients
DIR news Winsock news clients
DIR nfs Winsock NFS clients
DIR nslookup Winsock Network lookup and information clients
DIR ping Winsock PING clients
DIR printing Winsock LPD clients
DIR snmp Winsock SNMP clients
DIR stacks Winsock stacks
DIR stock_quotes Winsock Stock Quotes clients
DIR talk Winsock talk clients
DIR talk_voice Winsock voice communication clients
DIR telnet Winsock Telnet clients
DIR time Winsock time synchronization clients
DIR time_log Winsock Connect time logger
DIR wais Winsock WAIS clients
DIR whois Winsock Whois clients
DIR winirc Winsock IRC clients (Home of mIRC)
DIR winsock Winsock stacks (Tumpet Winsock)
BIN .message 289
TXT 00_index.txt 3074 This file
TXT 01-Become_A_Mirror 2468 Information on how to become an official mirror site
BIN 01-Official_Mirrors 6133 A list of all the currently registered mirror sites
BIN ls-lR 324117