About The Owners Of WinSock-L

Creator and maintainer since 1994, Issam Bandak (Beast@winsock-l.com):

I'm a Director of Quality Assurance working for Cymbal Corporation, in Fremont, California. Spend most of my free time playing sports (b-ball, mountain biking, swiming), doing internet research, and writting cool C/C++ programs. Nothing else comes terribly to mind. If you feel like emailing me please do.

Server administrator and unix hacker, Steve Baker (Root@mama.indstate.edu):

The BEST System Adminstrator that I know. An expert in shell and any kind of scripting, he's also excellent in C. He currently maintains 8+ Unix servers on the Indiana State University campus. If it weren't for him this service and web site would not exist. If you feel like emailing him please do (job offers are always welcome).

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